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The Appalachian Rollergirls are looking for a variety of new recruits and volunteers.


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  • Booneshiners
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  • Referees
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ARG can’t survive without either it’s skaters or volunteers so join up today. You can learn more about becoming a skater or a volunteer official below!

Fresh Meat

Well, before you can skate with the big girls, there are few things you need to know. It isn’t as easy as just watching a couple movies, then buying some cheap skates and fishnets. Furthermore, it is necessary for a rollergirl to have PASSION AND COMMITMENT toward her sport as much as she does toward community service. This sport requires time for PRACTICE, FITNESS, MEETINGS, ADDITIONAL DUTIES, TRAVEL, AND MORE. For your deep sacrifice, you will be rewarded with a family, peer support, exercise, competition, excitement, fun, and irreplaceable experiences.

The Appalachian Rollergirls Fresh Meat Training Program teaches skaters the how-to’s and basics of competitive roller derby through a minimum of a 12-week program. However, we do NOT teach how to stand up and skate; that must be done prior to beginning the program at local rinks such as Skate World and Skate Zone.

All skaters MUST begin with all protective gear (see links below), as well as meet other certain requirements to try-out for the Fresh Meat Program:


  • MUST be at least 18 years of age (with photo id)
  • MUST be female
  • MUST be able to purchase WFTDA insurance

Other expectations and requirements include:

  • Pay monthly due
  • Attend at least 1-3 practices per week depending on FM level
  • Take care of body, mind, equipment, soul, teammates, and family
  • Always be prepared for off and on-skate workouts
  • Always bring black and white shirts with your name on the back

ARG follows the rules and guidelines of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). The most current set of WFTDA rules and information on the minimum set of skill and knowledge requirements can be found their website. Practice and study the skills and rules whenever possible! Also, be sure to stay informed with team news and information. All fresh meat are required to attend team meetings and events. As well, fresh meat are required to follow communications via our website and Facebook.


Like any sport we need our officials. Referees are the skating officials who supervise the bouts.

  • Must be able to skate (can wear inline skates but quad skates preferred)
  • Must be unbiased towards all teams during bouts
  • Are welcome to ref at any bout, not just ours! For all the rules you can check out
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must carry WFTDA insurance
  • Men and women welcome

If you are interested in becoming a referee fill out the form below!

Current Crew


Wookie Mistake

Web Lynx

Non-Skating Officials (NSO)

  • Keep track of scores, penalties, sell merchandise. take down all stats on bouts for all teams.
  • Are welcome to travel with the team as an NSO.
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Men and women welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a Non-Skating Official (NSO) please fill out the form below!