Ash Catch Em

Skater Number


Favorite Derby Position


How did you get involved in roller derby?

I was chasing a Pokemon one day (it was a really sweet Caterpie) and I discovered that if I put on roller skates I could catch Pokemon faster. So I started skating and I accidentally wound up in this gym for trainers who liked to catch Pokemon on skates. The next thing I knew I was at a bootcamp and I thought it was for Pokemon trainers but it turns out it was for roller derby.

Favorite roller derby memory

This one time I was on my skates training as a blocker and the jammer was wearing a jigglypuff tank top and I stopped her. That's right, I caught jigglypuff!

Advice for prospective skaters

Everyday look yourself in the mirror, dead in the eye, and say this, "I want to be the very best, like no one every was.To [skate hard] is my real test, to train [hard] is my cause. I will [skate] across the land, [training] far and wide. Each [blocker skill] to understand, the power that's inside."

Skater's Spirit Animal

Piloswine, Pokemon #221